Rates low as 1.2% - compare that to the 2.6% you're probably paying
  • Process Credit/Debit Cards on iSeries/AS400
  • Fully native – no PC/Windows/*nix required
  • Rates up to 40% less on interchange fees
  • Deposits to your current bank account
  • International processing available

JetPayi5 is native IBM i5 software for the secure processing and storing of credit and debit cards on i5/iSeries/AS/400 Systems.  JetPayi5’s gateway eliminates the need for middlemen processors, interacting directly with Master Card and VISA as well as other major credit card companies.

Combined with the back-end reporting system (a secure website managed by the credit companies), the JetPayi5 application provides traceability and comprehensive reporting of any transaction through the JetPayi5 system.  Built-in auto currency conversion and an online currency program let companies use JetPayi5 in any financial region around the world.  JetPayi5’s secure software is PCI Compliant, follows SOX (Sarbanes Oxley) guidelines, and is SAS 70 amenable.  Card numbers default to truncated format and are one-way encrypted.

JetPayi5 can be installed and configured in as little as 30 minutes.  For sites requiring special customization, source code is available and API access included for interfacing with existing client code.  Because the software’s development was sponsored by the banking industry, it’s currently available for free.

JetPay-LLC is PCI/DSS validated We use a high-speed 15 Gigabyte bandwidth connection.  It is ‘under subscribed’ meaning there are no backlog delays.  Most transactions are processed and approved in less than two seconds, and often less than half a second.

No need to change banks.  With JetPayi5 funds can be deposited into your existing account(s).  We have direct connection to VISA and MasterCard (no middlemen) so you save on interchange fees.  This also means there is no need to rewrite your software when changing card processors.