OS/400 Credit Card Processing


Software Features

Several card entry options

Simple ‘green screen’ interface  (CALL JETCARD)
API - call from any program  (CALL JETPTRN ('SA' 'P' ...))
Command - embed within CL program or use on command line
Card details can be read via scan/swipe input


Hide unused credit detail fields
Make certain fields mandatory entry
Prevent accidental duplicate transactions


All transactions stored on local machine
Local lookup by card-number, date/time, approval code, customer
Also inquiry and reporting via internet

Tokenized card storage

Card numbers can be saved on your system using ‘tokens’.

A token is a character string used to represent a credit card. A card’s details will be sent to JetPay’s servers. JetPay will then generate and return a matching token. This token can then be used to enter transactions at a later date. In this way no card details are stored on your database and the tokens cannot be used by any outside party.

Tokens can be created against a customer or as stand-alone ‘user tokens’.  Cards can also be auto-tokenized at transaction-time.

Customer database

Set up a customer datbase to store name and address details and card tokens
Multiple cards can be stored against customer and selected via pop-up window list
Customer’s cards can be transacted against (via tokens)
Customers can be searched (looked up) by name

Recurring Billing

This allows automated billing to be performed on a regular basis
Setup billing amounts, intervals and list of customers to be charged
Invervals can be set monthly, annually, weekly or a fixed number of days

Source code available for many modules

Make custom changes
See code for direct API interface
All native CL, ILE/RPG and DDS


PCI, DSS, RAMP, SAS70 and FDIC compliant
Card numbers stored with one-way encryption
Numbers display as ************1234
Communication via Secure Sockets (SSL)
Sarbanes Oxley (SOX) compliant