OS/400 Credit Card Processing


About Us

JetPay LLC is a Dallas-based payment services provider specializing in the processing of Debit and Credit Cards.   Established in 1991, our focus has been in providing services and software in the PC and hand-held terminal environments.  In 2008 we expanded our services to the i5 (iSeries, AS/400) area.  We now offer the solution: JetPayi5, a natively written package that interfaces directly with our payment servers.

JetPay is the 6th largest debit/credit card processor in US and processes a total volume of 8-10 billion dollars annually.  We have representative banks covering all main continents except Africa (although coming soon).

JetPay is a principal member of MasterCard and works on the bank side issuing Credit and Debit cards.  MasterCard has approximately 400 different companies connected to them.  As of last year only 6 were on the international connection. We are one of those 6.  JetPay is compliant with all certifications, including RAMP, PCI and SAS70.